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Professor Roger Stone

University of Southern Queensland

Professor Stone has worked in meteorological and climatological research for over 30 years, particularly in modelling climate systems to agricultural production and water resource management, globally.  He has held a number of positions mainly as director of climate applications research centres in government, although mostly externally funded directly from industry. He is currently the Director of the International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences and a Professor in Climate Science at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba, Australia.  He also occupies the position of Program Chair within the United Nations/World Meteorological Organisation Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM) to provide research leadership, globally, in the field of Climate Variability, Climate Change and Natural Disasters in Agriculture. Professor Stone also leads Australian representation to the Integrated Drought Management Program, the Centre for Research Excellence in Agricultural Meteorology, The Commission for Climatology, and at World Meteorological Organisation international congress meetings. Dr Stone has published widely in journals including Nature, Journal of Climate, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Climatic Change, International Journal of Climatology, Agricultural Systems, and many specialized technical publications of the World Meteorological Organisation.


Christa Pudmenzky

University of  Southern Queensland

Christa Pudmenzky has a career in climate change adaptation integration analysis and associated program and project development, especially in relation aspects such as dust transport, associated geomorphology, and relevant climate science. She is also a university lecturer in environment and climate science related subjects.   She is currently completing her PhD at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba, Australia.


Professor Rob Allan

Hadley Centre at the Meteorological Office in the UK

Rob Allan is the International ACRE Project Manager, as well as working in the Climate Monitoring and Attribution Group, at the Hadley Centre at the Meteorological Office in the UK .  Previously, he worked with the Climate Impact Group at CSIRO’s Atmospheric Research Division in Melbourne, Australia.  He currently manages the ACRE initiative: undertaking and facilitating historical global surface terrestrial and marine weather data recovery, imaging and digitisation, feeding these data into the international repositories responsible for agglomerating such material, seeing that these repositories provide the best quality and quantity of weather observations for assimilation into historical global reanalyses or reconstructions of 4D weather, and ensuring that reanalyses outputs feed seamlessly into the climate applications, impacts and extremes communities. The role also has expanded to involve wider outreach, and efforts to develop an integrated cross-disciplinary focus (climate science melding with social sciences and humanities) in weather reconstructions, to ensure that the global historical weather observations and reanalyses outputs are tailored for the needs of educators, students and the general public.


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